Do FSC-bracelet different from FSC?

Do FSC-bracelet different from FSC? Can we wear several FSC-bracelets at the same time?

Do they structure water? Can they be too strong for us?

In this article, I answer the most common question my clients ask me about FSC-Bracelets.

1.It is indicated in the description of the product that some FSC-bracelets diffuse the information from four Functional State Correctors. Does one FSC-bracelet replace these 4 FSCs?

It is complicated to answer this question because there is no definite and unambiguous answer to it. From my perception, some bracelets diffuse the information of 4 FSCs in their totality, but some diffuse the incomplete information. In any case, the actions of FSC and FSC-bracelet are different on the physical and energetic body. In some cases, I advise my clients to obtain FSC-bracelets, but very often, my choice goes to the Functional State Correctors.

  1. It is written in the instructions that we must not wear the FSC-bracelet during sleeping time. My FSC-bracelet makes me sleep when I wear it during the day. So I can use it at night?

If you feel tired when wearing CEF-bracelet, it means that it is too strong for you. I would advise you to reduce the wearing time.

Sometimes even excellent energetic tools can be too powerful for us, so we need to be careful and not to be overdosed with information (even with good information 🙂

In the case of you getting too tired or if you permanently want to sleep, go for drinking structured water instead of wearing the FSC-bracelet.

The effect of structured water is much softer than that of a Functional State Corrector or an FSC-bracelet.

Please read more about how to use Functional State Correctors in this article.

  1. I got the FSC-Bracelet one week ago, and I feel calm, safe and confident wearing it. So I was wondering can all my family benefit from this wonderful product?

Yes. The best way to share the properties of this bracelet with other people is to drink structured water by this FSC-bracelet.

  1. How do you structure water with the FSC-Bracelet?

It is possible to structure water or any other liquid using an FSC-bracelet.

There are two methods for structuring:

  1. Place a glass or bottle in the middle of a closed bracelet.
  2. Place a bottle of water on the open bracelet. If it is not very stable, you can add a piece of cardboard of the same thickness as the bracelet on each side to hold it in place.

  1. How long does it take to structure the water with the FSC-bracelet?

The duration of water structuring varies for each FSC-bracelet. Please refer to the table that summarises the water structuring time for each FSC and each bracelet.

  1. Can I structure water with 2 bracelets at the same time?

Structuring water (and any aqueous objects such as cream, food, etc.) works better using a single FSC-bracelet at a time in order to preserve the integrity of the information.

  1. Can I wear 2 FSC-bracelets on the same wrist?
    It is preferable to wear the FSC-bracelets on different wrists.
  2. Can I wear several FSC-bracelets at the same time?
    I would not advise you to wear more than two FSC-bracelets at the same time but in different places: on the wrists and/or ankles.
    Be careful and listen to your body. Sometimes even a very good energy tool can be too powerful for us, so be careful not to be overdosed with information. In case you are too tired or you want to sleep permanently, opt for water structured by the FSC-Bracelet instead of wearing the bracelet.
    The effect of structured water is much softer than that of a Functional State Corrector or an FSC-bracelet.
  3. Is there a simple method to close the bracelet?
    Yes, there are several ways to proceed:

-either you place the two metal clasps in the holes corresponding to your wrist size close the bracelet off the wrist inside out, and put it on and then turn outwards on your wrist.

-either you place the bracelet directly on your wrist, also inside out, and close it with one hand. And then twist it in the correct side (turn outwards)

This new closing system requires a greater effort by exerting strong pressure to close the bracelet. However, the silicone will loosen slightly over time, especially if you choose always to close your bracelet on a particular notch. You will see that it is only at the beginning that it is difficult to close the bracelet and that it will become easier after only a few days.

You can practice closing your FSC-Bracelet with both hands before trying to put it on your wrist. If you repeat this operation about ten times, the holes will widen.

You could ask somebody else to help you put your bracelet on when you start using it. You will quickly become able to put it on without help.

  1. Do FSC-Bracelets recharge?

The FSC-bracelet, as any other FSC has no batteries, no wires, no spare parts, and no power supply. They are designed to transform electromagnetic waves to scalar waves and as a result, they draw energy from their environment.

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