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IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU START YOUR FSC DISCOVERY WITH THE "BLUE" BASIC SERIES. It is important to first of all pay attention to health problems that have accumulated over the years, and sometimes even decades. And human health always begins with the cleanliness and integrity of the body. Physical, physical, mental, spiritual, energy. All correctors in this series are necessary and important to have in your personal FSC collection.

With the help of the "blue" series of FSC, the processes of purification and detoxification are started, the physiological functions and self-regulation mechanisms of the body are restored.

  • Polarization of images of medicinal plants and minerals, which are rich in balanced complexes of natural biologically active substances, have healing properties, restore physical strength and relieve stress
  • Polarization of images of Ayurvedic preparations
  • A set of themes designed by the famous Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto, who researched the informational properties of water
  • Cosmic energy channels - energy flows of various vibrations, energy-information cosmic fields that affect the human biofield, his soul, consciousness and physical body
  • Channels of cosmic theurgy "MAYA" (this is an innovative method of restoring health, karma, personal life, business, interpersonal relations, spirituality, rejuvenation)