The FSC-bracelet can be worn on the wrist permanently or occasionally, depending on the problems of each person.

If you want to wear two or more FSC-bracelets at the same time, it is preferable to wear the FSC-bracelets on different wrists and/or ankles.

It is important to pay attention to what your body is telling you. No matter how good they are, at times the influence that energy devices exert on us is too strong and can flood our energy body with too much information. If after wearing the bracelet you experience unusual tiredness, it may be an idea to drink water that has been structured with the bracelet rather than wearing the bracelet directly, as the effects will be gentler.

To structure water or any other liquid using an FSC-bracelet, place a glass or a bottle in the middle of a closed FSC-bracelet. Look at the drawing on your right.
The duration of water structuring varies for each FSC-bracelet. Please refer to the table that summarises the water structuring time for each FSC and each bracelet.
Structuring water (and any aqueous objects such as cream, food, etc.) works better using a single FSC-bracelet at a time in order to preserve the integrity of the information.

The best way to share the properties of the bracelet with other people is to structure water with it so everybody can drink it.
At night, removing the bracelets is recommended.

The FSC-bracelet must not be in contact with water for any length of time. It should therefore be removed before taking a shower.
There are different ways of closing the bracelet:

Holding the bracelet in your hand, turn it inside out, slot the two metal clasps into the holes corresponding to the size of your wrist, then put the bracelet on your wrist and turn it the right way round.

Alternatively, turn the bracelet inside out, place it on your wrist and close it with one hand. Then turn it the right way round.

Firm pressure is needed to fasten the bracelet correctly at first, but over time this will become easier as the silicone will become looser, and if you have always used the same holes to fasten the bracelet, you will find that you will soon be able to do it in no time at all.

Using both hands, open and close the bracelet over and over again. After about ten times, you will notice that the holes have become bigger, therefore making it easier to fasten the bracelet.

Another possibility is asking someone else to fasten the bracelet onto your wrist for the first few times. Again, this will loosen the bracelet and you will soon be able to put it on yourself.

The FSC-Bracelet should not be too tight on the skin, but should move freely around the wrist so that the wrist benefits from all the components of the bracelet.

We advise you to wear the FSC-Bracelet with the design facing outwards, so that the protruding part remains on the inside. Please look at the photo at the top of the article.

The FSC-Bracelet straps are made of silicone and the buckle is made of metal. The bracelet contains 8 active elements. It is not possible to open the bracelets and to see elements inside.

You should not take a shower or swim whilst wearing the FSC-Bracelet.

If an FSC-Bracelet accidentally gets wet, do not panic. It can simply be dried with a towel. Short exposure to water does not affect its operation; it is only if an FSC-Bracelet is soaked for several hours in water that it risks losing its effectiveness.

The transparent packaging of the bracelets will include a label with the name of the bracelet in English, German and French. The name in Russian is engraved on the inside of the bracelet.

To be able to differentiate bracelets, using a permanent marker, you can write their name in your language on the inside so that it remains invisible from the outside (for aesthetic reasons).

Nina Smelyh is a therapist and healer who has worked for many years with FSCs. Below are her answers to some of your questions:

I have read that some FSC-bracelets contain the same energy information as four Functional State Correctors. In this case, can one FSC-bracelet be used instead of these four FSCs?

There is no clearly defined answer to this difficult question. As far as I can see, this is not systematically the case, as some bracelets transmit all the information contained in these four FSCs whereas other bracelets only transmit part of it. What must be remembered is that we are dealing with two different products, and FSCs and bracelets have different effects on the physical and energetic body. I assess all my clients individually and recommend either bracelets or Functional State Correctors depending on their individual needs.

I have read the instructions for using the FSC-bracelet and it says that you are not supposed to wear it when you sleep. The trouble is, when I wear it in the day it makes me sleepy, so is it possible to wear it at night?

In answer to your question, I would suggest that if your FSC-bracelet makes you feel tired, then it is probably too powerful for you. Try wearing it for shorter periods of time.

Even the best energy influencing devices can at times be too strong and it is important not to flood our systems with an excess of information, or too much of a good thing.

If after wearing the bracelet you experience unusual tiredness, try drinking water that has been structured with the bracelet rather than wearing the bracelet directly, as the effects will be gentler.

Do FSC-Bracelets need to be recharged?

The only source of energy that FSC-bracelets require is the energy they extract from their environment. They do this by transforming electromagnetic waves into scalar waves. As a result, they have no need of electricity or batteries.

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